Community Benefits

Community Benefit & Supply Chain Initiatives

CTSI is currently working on helping achieve community benefit and supply chain initiatives. Community benefits are part of the tendering and procurement process that many local statutory and large businesses include when awarding contracts to suppliers. The benefits, which are aimed at any local third sector organisation, derive in two forms –  financial; by way of direct grants, and secondly non-financial; by way of materials and/or equipment, professional support including mentoring, and training opportunities.

For Suppliers

The new list which allows for easier viewing by suppliers will be updated regularly.

This list has been designed to make it easier for businesses operating in Clackmannanshire to see the current needs of charities and social enterprises. It may be useful when considering community benefits, charitable giving or other community based activity. 

How to Use

1. Open the ‘Community Wishes’ spreadsheet on the first tab, to see the current list of community needs 

2. You can filter and sort the list as with any spreadsheet

3. When you find a wish you can fulfil, contact the organisation directly to find out more

4. If you decide to grant the wish, please contact karen.d’ so we can remove it from the list

5. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Karen via the email above.

For Charities, Voluntary Organisations & Social Enterprises

Please complete the community benefits form with your wishes here (or access using the button below) and they will be included on the list – each wish needs to go in separately.  Details of how to use the form are included in the document. For more information, or if you have any queries, please contact Karen D’Arcy-Kernan at karen.d’

NHS Community Benefits Portal

In addition, Forth Valley TSIs are working together with NHS Forth Valley to test the new community benefit procedures with community organisations and social enterprises in the Forth Valley area through the newly-launched NHS Community Benefits Portal. Similar to the CTSI wish list, local  third sector organisations can put up community benefit requests onto the national portal after registering and being checked by the local TSIs. For more details go to this website – full guidance documentation can be found here. For more information and advice, please contact Anthea Coulter at

Clackmannanshire Council - Procurement Information

At the recent Forth Valley ‘Meet the Buyer’ Event, Clackmannanshire Council launched a Trello board with full information on how to procure in Clackmannanshire. CTSI is linked within this board of information and full details can be found here.

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