Member Information

For all groups and individuals, CTSI membership is free and unlocks the door to a one stop shop of all sorts of information, advice, support and guidance in relation to Clackmannanshire’s Third Sector Community.

Please contact Julie by email or on 01259 213840 to find out more information about becoming a CTSI member or complete the membership application form.

Who can become a member?

Any third sector organisation delivering services within the Clackmannanshire Council area can become a member of CTSI, no matter what size your organisation is, membership is FREE! Whether you are a Volunteer Led Group, Community Council, Development Trust, Registered Charity, Social Enterprise, or a Community Interest Company we encourage you to complete our online membership form.

How do we help our members?

The team at CTSI offer a wide range of support to our members.

  • Provide support with setting up your organisation to developing business plans
  • Health checks for organisations are available throughout the year, including reviewing policies and procedures
  • Sustainability planning
  • Funding application support and advice
  • Volunteer Management Support
  • Volunteer Recruitment

Membership Perks

  • Organisation Health Check
  • Funding Support
  • Access to Training
  • Social Enterprise Support
  • Inclusion in the Social Enterprise Directory
  • Exclusive Contribution to our Community News Bulletin
  • Clacks Community Lottery
  • Volunteer support
  • Volunteer Friendly Award
  • Saltire Award
  • Forums and Networking Events

We also host a themed monthly Community Breakfast.

Members have access to toolkits, resources for groups and links to a range of national organisations that can support your group more widely.

Member organisations are added to an online database that is searchable on our website.

Latest News

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