The Saltire Awards

The Saltire Awards are the Scottish Government’s way of celebrating, recognising and rewarding the commitment, contribution and achievements of young volunteers aged 12-25 in Scotland.  These awards are delivered locally by TSI’s and we are here to help young people every step of the way with their Saltire journey. 

For Young People

The Saltire Awards are progressive meaning you can achieve awards over four levels:

This is for those who are getting started in volunteering and can be achieved through one off volunteering opportunities e.g. being involved in a litter pick or organising a coffee morning.

Achieved once you have completed 10 and 25 hours of volunteering.

Achieved once you have completed 10 and 25 hours of volunteering.

This is the highest level of Saltire Award and will only be achieved by those who have made an outstanding contribution to volunteering.  Usually reserved for those who have achieved at least 200 hours, however, we recognise that for some volunteers, hours are not a true measurement of achievement, and achieving even 10 hours can take an incredible effort in overcoming barriers to, and so we will consider wider nominations.

Please note, this award can only be given to 12 people within each Local Authority per year. For the volunteer to receive this award they need to be nominated by the organisations they have been volunteering with through the Saltire website here.

Saltire Awards are now all managed online, to register, please visit the new Saltire Awards website. If you have any difficulties, please see our YouTube guide or contact 

In addition to the four levels of Saltire, you can also volunteer to help support and promote the awards, as a Saltire Ambassador!  Open to young volunteer who have completed at least 200 hours, ambassadors have the opportunity to further develop their skills through being involved in all aspects of the Saltire Awards; from promotional and publicity activities through to helping to make decisions about Summit Award nominations and taking part in local advisory groups.

The Awards also fit neatly with the national Curriculum for Excellence helping you to become a successful learner, confident individual, responsible citizen and effective contributor. You also get Young Scot Reward Points with the certificates you achieve.

For Groups

As an organisation with young volunteers, the new The New Saltire system allows you to log and track volunteering activity using the “Group Admin” function.   This means you can add, verify and print certificates instantly. But don’t panic, all volunteering hours achieved before the new system are still valid and should be automatically transferred over to your MySaltire page.  If your young volunteers have their own Saltire account, a code is generated on your Group Admin page that you can provide them to link their hours back to their personal account, so there is no double counting or confusion!

You don’t have to use this function, but Group Administration is useful to:

  • Manage your organisations certificate requests.
  • Be able to save PDF copies of certificates – extra copies can be printed when required and can be attached to volunteer records.
  • Easy way to keep track of the hours your young volunteers’ are dedicating to your organisation.

If you have any questions about Group Administration, please see our handy YouTube tutorial, or contact

The New System – Main Changes

With the new Saltire website, has come some new processes and features which changes how volunteers receive their certificates and Young Scot Points.

Certificates are now in PDF format, and can be requested by the young person and/or Group Administrators and emailed to the relevant person. 

There is also a print request function should young people require a hard copy.  Please note, this feature is disabled due to COVID-19 restrictions. 

Young Scot points are now issued through the website, and the management of codes will be co-ordinated centrally (not by the TSI) meaning volunteers can now manage their points themselves.

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