Volunteering is defined as “A choice to give time or energy, a choice undertaken of one’s own free will and a choice not motivated for financial gain or for a wage or salary” (The Scottish Government “Volunteering for All – Our National Framework).

Volunteering not only makes a difference to the people/organisation you are assisting, but also to you as a volunteer. Dedicating your time within your community can be rewarding in a variety of ways – from allowing you to give back to your community, to providing a chance to learn new skills/qualifications, and help in progressing your career.

It doesn’t have to take up a huge amount of time; volunteering is flexible around your other commitments. You can dedicate a few hours a week to one organisation (considered formal volunteering) or get involved in a one off event, or on an ad hoc basis (informal volunteering and micro volunteering are often terms used for this).

To see what opportunities there are to get involved in volunteering in Clackmannanshire, please see our Volunteering Opportunities search and contact your chosen organisation directly. You can also keep you to date with new opportunities by giving our Volunteering Clackmannanshire Facebook Page a like or following our Team Leader for Volunteering & Routes to work on Twitter.

If you aren’t quite sure what you would like to do, or require a little bit of support to start your volunteering journey, please Register to Volunteer and a member of the team will be in touch with you.

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