Upcoming Training

December 2023

A Very Brief History of Neurodiversity (Free Session)

Organisation: Mindroom
Date: 5th Dec / 2:00pm 

In this webinar, Mindroom presents the hidden history of neurodiversity. By learning from the past we are better able to understand the impact this historical legacy has on many of the present-day issues facing neurodivergent people and their families and why, now more than ever, we need to ensure that no mind is left behind.


Introduction to Supporting Disclosure

Organisation: Mindroom
Date: 7th Dec / 10:00am

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to identify the barriers faced by neurodivergent staff who wish to disclose, understand the benefits of disclosure, recognise the impact of workplace attitudes and practice on disclosure, and apply approaches known to support staff during disclosure. With this knowledge, you’ll be equipped to create an environment where all staff feel valued and supported. Join us now and take the first step towards creating a workplace where everyone can thrive!


Module 3 – Prison and prison visiting 

Organisation: Families outside
Date: 7th Dec / 9:30 am

This module will focus on:

  • Understanding the functions and key elements of the Scottish prison estate
  • Recognising the importance of maintaining family contact
  • Identifying support available for families within a prison environment


Ongoing Training


Organisation: Chartered Institute of Fundraising Scotland
Date: Various Dates & Times
Aimed: People / Groups / Organisations who want to learn more about different types of fundraising.

Expand your skills and knowledge

CTSI has partnered with the skills network to offer you all the opportunity to explore new skills and learning opportunities. All listed courses are now available for you to apply and are fully funded without any cost associated. They are a great resource for personal and professional development.


Dementia – the One Stop Guide

Organisation: Policy Hub Scotland
Date: Anytime
Aimed: People / Groups who work with elderly people / people with dementia.

Presenting Yourself Online Using LinkedIn: 2 hour course

Organisation: Digital Skills Education
Date: Anytime

This workshop will be a mix of need-to-know knowledge and practical skills. You’ll find out how to take control of your online presence, and then get hands on setting up and crafting your profile.


E-Learning Overview

Just Enterprise are delighted to be launching a range of fully funded E-Learning programmes, designed specifically for social enterprises.


Volunteer Scotland Training & Workshops

All Training courses, Learning bites and Workshops have been designed to help you make a positive impact on your volunteer programme and on volunteers who you freely give their time and expertise. 


Level 2 Understanding Environmental Sustainability

This course will provide an overview of the principles of sustainable development, communities and energy management, and the social responsibility of businesses in relation to sustainability. Learners will also look at the principles of waste management and sustainable transport and applying sustainability in their own setting through zero waste.


Upcoming Events

The SCCR is running a series of free open training sessions, seminars and conferences across Scotland. Our events focus on conflict resolution as a means of early intervention which improves relationships and lives, and ultimately reduces youth homelessness.


Talk Cancer Awareness Training Programme

Gain the skills and knowledge you need to have impactful conversations with others in your community, through Cancer Research Uk’s, cancer awareness training programme.


Diversity and Inclusion for Organisations (bitesize) – delivered by ENABLE.

A free course for employers, volunteer managers and more to explore practises supporting diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Disability Awareness for Organisations (bitesize) – delivered by ENABLE.

A free course for employers, volunteer managers and more to gain further understanding of disabilities, reasonable adjustments and supporting an inclusive workplace.

Neurodiversity Awareness for Organisations (bitesize) – delivered by ENABLE.

A free course for employers, volunteer managers and more to gain further understanding of neurodiversity, reasonable adjustments and supporting an inclusive workplace.

Please contact – courtney.ackerman@enable.org.uk for further information 


CTSI Training

CTSI offer free* training courses to give staff, volunteers and trustees the skills they need to operate more effectively and to strengthen your service delivery. These include:

  • Good Governance
  • Roles and responsibilities of the Board of Directors/Trustees
  • Bookkeeping and Financial Systems
  • Fundraising/Funding

SCVO Training

Whether you are a manager, a member of staff or volunteer, SCVO have a training programme packed full of sector specific courses for organisations of all sizes.

OSCR Training

As the charity regulator for Scotland OSCR have a wide range of resources to ensure staff, volunteers and trustees adhere to the Charities Investment Act (2005). OSCR have a YouTube channel were you can find a range of webinars covering topics from:

  • Virtual Meetings & AGM’s
  • Keeping your Charity Safe Online
  • Telling your Charities Story with Impact
  • Accounts and Reporting