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Funded by Corra and Supporting Communities grants, CTSI’s Techshare Scheme aims to provide disadvantaged members of the Clackmannanshire community with recycled internet enabled devices and help them to get online. People can donate their old devices, which will be wiped/factory reset and given out to those in need.    

Many people in Clackmannanshire do not have internet access at home or a device with which to go online. This has been exacerbated by the Coronavirus Crisis. People who previously accessed the libraries or community groups now have no means of getting online. This, coupled with a greater reliance on the internet during the crisis i.e. accessing help, keeping in touch with families, the abundance of online activities that can be accessed etc. Vulnerable people, job seekers and the older generation are at a distinct disadvantage.

The scheme has been running for four months and we have had 44 devices donated so far. We’ve had 53 individual requests for help and have distributed 43 pieces of Tech – 34 individuals received Techshare devices and a further 9 received Connecting Scotland devices.

An example of an older adult who accessed the Techshare Scheme is Mr Todd from Alloa. Without internet access or a device at home and wanting to access the Scottish Government information mentioned in the First Minister’s briefings, he got in touch with CTSI. Initially we provided Mr Todd with a refurbished smartphone and PAYG voucher and gave him phone support with the device. Despite receiving assistance, he found he struggled with a smartphone so we replaced this with a laptop and MiFi as he said that he managed to use the computers in the local library and was more familiar with this system.

He is now really happy with the laptop and has managed to access a number of different sites and was able to solve an ongoing issue with his wife’s driving licence, which could only be done online.

We also have a small number of Echo Dots available which may be of use to Older Adults who already have broadband.

Donate a Device

The scheme continues to be in demand but is dependent upon donations.

We are particularly looking for laptops, smartphones, tablets & monitors.

If you or anyone you know has a device you wish to donate please get in touch at complete our Device Donation Form, email or phone 01259 213840.

Make a Referral

The Techshare scheme is by referral only. If you wish to find out more about the scheme, please contact

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