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Winner Announcement: Saltire Summit Awards

Introducing this year’s Saltire Summit Award Winners!

The Saltire Awards Programme is an initiative that puts young people’s development professionally at its core while encouraging active volunteering among Scotland’s youth. At Clackmannanshire Third Sector Interface, it is important to us that young people are given the recognition that they deserve, especially after the past year’s events.

Juggling the changes to schooling, society and to their volunteering commitments can be daunting for the best of us, but the young heroes below know a thing or two about going above and beyond, and without a doubt will go onto doing great things.

  1. Kian McNaught started volunteering at aged 12 as a young leader in Sports Development and has completed a staggering 226hrs of volunteering with them! He volunteered at kids’ sports/activity camps during the summer holidays, October and Easter holidays right up until lockdown last year. He also gained his SCQF Level 5 Sports Leader Award. As part of his DofE he has completed a further 85hrs volunteering with the Beavers where he volunteered at their weekly meetings, a weekend camp and has done a First Aid certificate with them. He’s continued on volunteering at their online calls during lockdown. All on top of helping the elderly! Kian is a walking hero. So much so that he has gained qualifications including the Volunteering, Physical and Skills sections for his Silver DofE and has received a Certificate of Achievement for doing this. Rightfully, Lornshill Academy and all those he has tirelessly helped are very proud of him. Well done, Kian!

  2. Even though Rebecca ‘Becca’ McLeod has been one of The PlayPen’s youngest volunteers, she has been one of their most reliable in catering since the earliest days of ‘Lunch Club at Home’. The pandemic hadinitially placed her career plans on hold, but in a true resilient fashion, Becca threw herself into local volunteering, becoming a vital part of The PlayPen team (on top of cooking weekly meals for her own grandparents – all according to her gran’s exacting specifications!). Her additional experience in a commercial kitchen meant she brought a natural talent for baking, and quickly becoming one of the go-to volunteers for whipping up tasty treats to the delight of the elderly beneficiaries. On top of bringing a positive attitude to the role, Alexandra, the founder of the PlayPen, said of Becca’s greatest quality was her ability to roll up her sleeves and get stuck into work without needing much direction or guidance – “she simply sees what needs doing and gets on with it”. She has been so reliable that she became one of the standby Covid responders, ready to take on additional responsibilities if needed. It is so lovely to not only see a young person confident in their abilities, but also is able to support a team of older volunteers in their work too. Becca has since moved into permanent work but her time with The PlayPen really helped to test out and develop what would become some of our core – and most loved! – recipes. Thank you Becca, for all your tremendous hard work!

  3. Young people have the unique ability to get involved and bring energy to projects that they are passionate about. Rachel A’Hara is one such an individual where she co-designed Ochil Youth Community Improvements (OYCI) “Boredom Bag” project last summer, creating and delivering 200 bags to help other young people during lockdown. She is part of the team creating a community festival and is a key helper at the weekly drop in ‘Connect.’ She is always willing to help and has already given so much to OYCI. Thank you Rachel!

  4. Emily Meeten has been involved with Ochil Youth Community Improvements (OYCI) since she was in P7, and more recently is a core team member and will do whatever is asked of her – from stuffing and delivering boredom bags, to recording a campaign video for a fundraiser. During the summer she also researched recipes and making videos for OYCI’s online baking sessions, she was also one of the leaders of OYCI Festival before lockdown. She always brings a big smile and is a brilliant addition to the OYCI team. Thank you so much Emily!

  5. Paige Marshall has been a volunteer with the befriending group, OYCI Connect, and helps at the summer and Easter holiday programmes. She is brilliant with the younger participants and is always patient and great humoured. She has been an immense help in the delivery of OYCI’s services, and it is clear that she is going to go on to achieve many great things! Thank you, Paige!

  6. Tamara Jayacodi has been a fantastic Befriender to a young person for just about a year and made a real difference to the life of her befriendee, through building a strong relationship which has continued throughout lockdown with virtual catchups. Tamara found out about Peer Perspectives and was the first volunteer to sign up to become a steering group member of Peer Perspectives. Tamara has not only raised awareness of the programme within the University but has been passionate and enthusiastic about enabling other young people to talk about their mental health. Tamara has developed materials that she will deliver over the summer and during Freshers Week to her peers and has been a great support in establishing relationships with schools for delivery of Peer Perspectives. In addition to this, Tamara has helped with some administrative pieces for our RSVP programme, which was hugely appreciated! Tamara’s drive and energy are integral to Peer Perspectives in Clackmannanshire, and the project is lucky to have her on board! Fantastic job, Tamara!

  7. Harrison Miller is one of the most cheerful and supportive of team members, who also serves as the resident media guru! Without his help, Peer Perspectives would not have been able to establish a social media presence to the extent that it has now. From his first contact, Harrison’s ambition to help others, his openness, and excellent contributions from the very first Peer Perspectives training programme (and ever since) have really helped mould the project. Harrison is a real example of a young person using their skills and experience to help others for the better, while committing endless hours to doing just that. Thank you, Harrison!

  8. Eve Mcleod is a participant of the Duke of Edinburgh awards scheme, where she is volunteering as a young persons’ leader at Tillicoultry Scouts. Eve has been an inspiration to all the Scouts over the last 15 months where she has continued to assist every week with Zoom meetings throughout 2020 and into 2021 – including the summer months. She brought her own personal experiences at the Royal Air Force to the benefit of the Scouts’ young people, to assist them in gaining badges. She is a positive role model, who has a great relationship with all the Scouts. Furthermore, her great team playing spirit is a constant reminder of how fortunate the Scout leaders are to have her volunteering with Tillicoultry Scouts. Well done, Eve!

  9. Alongside the rest of the Peer Perspectives team, Kalyn McGregor has been a real asset since the very start of the programme in December. Her contributions at the very early stages really helped shape the vision of the project, and her ongoing contributions to producing materials and empowering other young people is nothing short of inspirational for all who work with her. Furthermore, Kalyn exudes warmth and creativity and is truly making a difference in the community through her commitment to the project. Outstanding Kalyn!

  10. Alyn Scullion became a Saltire Ambassador for the Secondary Schools Support Service (CSSSS) in early 2019. He has taken his responsibility seriously and throughout his 3-year stint in the post, he has led by example, volunteering for a broad range of organisations. In his time as Ambassador, Alyn has accrued over 100 hours of community and school volunteering. His roles have included: Peer mentoring with Alloa Academy EASN dept in Technical classes. Volunteering in Tullibody Community Garden. Peer mentoring with the Primary support Service. Volunteering with dog walking at Bandeath Dog shelter. Volunteering at Dollarbeg Farm Volunteering installing raised bed planters in Alloa Family centre Volunteering with musical performances in the community with Orchard House Nursing home, Community house, Alloa and The Whins Adult services, Alloa. Volunteering with ACE recycling/Re-Makery Alyn has also taken on a range of Ambassador duties including showing visitors around the school, speaking at whole school assemblies about volunteering, keeping a tally of how many hours volunteering works his peers have done and interviewing candidates for Volunteer Matters posts. Alyn is currently volunteering in helping to build outdoor facilities such as a sand pit, compost bins and a tree bench as we continue to settle into our new school premises in Tullibody. Alyn, this is a phenomenal record, well done!

  11. Hayley Anderson is one of the first steering members of Peer Perspectives and managed to work her training around school and her part-time job. Her passion for helping others has had a positive influence on the development and introduction of Peer Perspectives. Hayley has involved herself in every aspect of the project, while being an outstanding team member and a real advocate for youth mental health in the area! Thank you, Hayley!

    Young people are the future and their courage and tenacity to keep going throughout this entire process has been no-less than inspirational. They have set the bar high for volunteering in Clackmannanshire, and if this list of names is anything to go by, we are going to be in good hands going forward. To all those volunteering a few hours a week, thank you, you may not always see the results, but know you are making a massive difference.

    If you would like to find out more about the Saltire Awards, check out the website for more information. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Clackmannanshire Third Sector Interface’s Volunteer Development Assistant, Chris White by email or by calling 07518 600939.

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