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Staff Blog – Gardening in Lockdown

With so much uncertainty and negativity in the world right now, the CTSI Team have decided to share some positive and uplifting stories. Anthea Coulter, Chief Officer, shares her love of gardening which along with the sunshine, is keeping her upbeat through lockdown.

Gardening in Lockdown

Anthea Coulter (Chief Officer)

As the daughter of a farm manager, I was lucky to have spent my early years with my sisters running wild outside in woods and fields but it was only when I got my first flat and then an allotment in Colchester after my eldest was born, that my love of gardening really started blooming.

I was lucky to have encouraging allotment neighbours – 83 year old Mr Bell who knew a thing or two and Andrew a retired building manager who remains a grower and friend to this day. On moving back to Scotland we were able to buy a house with a good-sized north-facing garden which had an allotment attached at the bottom to rent from the local estate for £40 a year. Over the last seventeen years unsightly large trees have been reduced, new veg beds put in, a pond, summerhouse and this year finally a lovely greenhouse.

I feel so privileged to have a garden, and to help me get through lockdown, I’m videoing every few days from my garden and posting on the Muthill Gardening Group Facebook Page. I cover everything from my tribulations with composting to getting the tatties in and featuring bonfires and our elderly hens! Other friends and villagers post videos too, but it is mainly as a record to myself of this extraordinary time and how loving our gardens, growing our own food and spending time closer to nature has become such an important and integral part of our daily lives, which I hope continues for many like me long after lockdown.


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