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Nominations Open for Third Sector Representative for IJB


CTSI (Clackmannanshire Third Sector Interface) is looking for a new third sector representative to the Clackmannanshire Health and Social Care Partnership Integration Joint Board (IJB).

The role provides the representative with an opportunity to help the IJB with the planning, management and delivery of health and social care services in Clackmannanshire and Stirling.

The Representative must have a link to a Third Sector organisation in Clackmannanshire and an understanding of Health and Social Care. Additionally, they should have excellent communication skills and be willing to listen to and take on the views of those they represent.
CTSI will support representatives and arrange training to enable the Representatives to fully take on the role.

To apply to become a representative please send your details and a brief outline saying how you are linked to the third sector in Clackmannanshire, your interest in the health and social care agenda, the skills, knowledge and experience you bring to the role and how you would consult and feedback to the third sector to Liz Rowlett at CTSI.

Closing Date: 17th January 2022

Prospective representatives will be asked to give a small presentation at the January meeting of the Clackmannanshire Health and Social Care Forum (scheduled for 24th January).


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