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CTSI Prescription Volunteers – Volunteers’ Week 2021

A thank you to CTSI’s Prescription Collection Volunteers!

As part of Volunteers’ Week 2021, we’re highlighting some of the amazing volunteers who have helped the community over the past 12 months, starting with our very own Prescription Collection Volunteers.

For most of us, life’s simple acts of collecting medication might feel a bit straightforward. However, during a pandemic it proved to be a journey that could be dangerous. So, early on the emergence of prescription volunteers became not only one of the first volunteer-led responses, but it quickly amassed into the lifeline that so many in Clackmannanshire were reliant on. Lesley Jack (Office Manager at CTSI) formed a team of volunteers who became that lifeline, simply by going out and serving their community. Here’s a spotlight on these volunteers: 

  1. For many, the lunchbreak is a sacred moment to relax for a bit. Not for Susan King! She went the extra mile for the Wee County during the pandemic. Although working from home, she still dedicated countless lunchbreaks to collecting and delivering prescriptions to those most at risk from the virus. Susan was a founding volunteer of the Prescription Collection Service at CTSI, and it is people like Susan who make a small sacrifice each day to help make someone else’s entire day less worrisome. 
  1. With the coming pandemic brought a realization that change would be something volunteers had to either adapt with it or help ward off its effect on the vulnerable. Sybil Taylor was a founding volunteer of the Prescription Collection Service at CTSI. Sybil’s passion to help the community stood out as rare expression of resolve as Clackmannanshire went into lockdown. Sybil’s volunteering experience at The Gate Charity meant she could still help, even when charities were forced to shut their doors to volunteers. 
  1. Since the very beginning of the March lockdown, Donald Cowan became a vital part of CTSI’s prescription collection and delivery service, because he not only showed abundant kindness, but he very rarely took time off throughout the pandemic. No matter the time of day it was, Donald would collect and deliver prescriptions. On one such occasion Donald took a pair of glasses for a lady, poorly from COVID, and got them mended at SpecSavers, even waiting until they were repaired and returned repaired before them! The manager, Lesley said that the service would not have lasted for as long or as successfully without Donald’s dedication.

It is wonderful to see how people from seemingly unrelated backgrounds are brought together under one mission.  

Thank you SusanSybil and Donald for all your hard work!

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