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Being A Social Media Volunteer At CTSI

Hi, my name is Sofie and today I will be introducing myself to you all!

I am a recent graduate from the University of Stirling with a Master of Science in English Language and Linguistics. In 2019, I came to Scotland after finishing my studies in Germany and receiving my Bachelor of Arts in English and American Studies.

I have been with CTSI as a Social Media Volunteer since September 2020. For the past five months, I have been assisting CTSI’s wonderful Digital Communications Officer – Eilidh Nimmo – with the managing of CTSI’s various Social Media pages, and the writing of blog posts for the CTSI website.

How I Became CTSI’s Social Media Volunteer

Due to Covid and the nearing completion my studies, I had some extra time on my hands that I wanted to spend wisely. I did not only want to learn new skills, but also give back and support a good cause. After making up my mind, it did not take me long to realize that volunteering would be the perfect way to achieve my goals!

Inquiring for a volunteering role CTSI was promoting online, I came into contact with CTSI’s incredible Team Leader and expert for everything volunteering related – Louise Orr. She asked me if I was interested in supporting their Digital Communications Officer- Eilidh Nimmo, and I was! Soon after that she introduced me to Eilidh and that is how it all started for me!

My Interest In Social Media Management

As someone that has worked in Communications before, but has always only used Social Media privately, my curiosity for using Social Media on a professional level was great! Assisting CTSI through my role has allowed me to see and use these platforms from a business’s perspective. It has allowed me to expand my knowledge and skills in this area and in Communications in general. I quickly realized how much I enjoy supporting CTSI’s cause through engaging with people on Social Media and plan on keeping up my volunteering for the future!

What Volunteering Looks Like At CTSI

One of the many great things about volunteering at CTSI, or any Third Sector organisation, is that it is very flexible and adjusts to one’s schedule. During busier times I reduce my weekly hours spent volunteering, while during less busy times I increase my weekly hours.

My role at CTSI is quite variable and allows me to explore the parts of Social Media Management and Digital Communications that I am interested in. Generally, it should always be both volunteer and Third Sector organisation that benefit from a formal volunteering arrangement.

As monetary compensations are out of question when it comes to volunteering, the question ‘what can actually be gained from volunteering?’ might arise. Well, the short answer is: A lot! In my case it is skills, experience, and confidence in managing Social Media platforms and creating content, as well as supporting CTSI’s important work for the community through my contribution! For someone else it might be slightly different, but, in general, I find volunteering to be a win-win situation for everyone involved!

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