Organisational support

CTSI can help you achieve your goals.

CTSI offers assistance and support to communities, groups, voluntary organisations, social enterprises, trusts, CICs and other third sector groups locally.

Whether you’re preparing to start a new community group or have been running a registered charity for some time, CTSI can help you achieve your goals.

Our Key Aims in Organisational Support:

We provide advice, guidance and support to new, emerging and established third sector organisations on a broad range of topics and activities, including:

  • organisational structures
  • planning and development
  • governance
  • charity regulations and reporting requirements
  • income generation
  • sourcing and applying for funding
  • promotional activities
  • relevant legal obligations, such as the promotion of equality and diversity and the Protection of Vulnerable Groups
  • identifying, assessing and responding appropriately to opportunities, risks and challenges
  • facilitating communication, learning, co-operation and collaboration between third sector organisations, public sector agencies and the private sector, and between staff and volunteers of all three sectors

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  • If people want to learn something new, we enable that to happen by giving them the training and skills – and along the way they get good company and a sense of achievement from what they have made
    Archie Scott Committee member, Wee County Crafters
  • I get a lot of satisfaction as an RSVP volunteer and I would recommend getting involved. Volunteering Matters to me because of the impact it can have on our community and making a difference to peoples lives. It gives me the opportunity to keep active and to contribute to my community in retirement.
    Bob Kerr Handyperson, Volunteering Matters
  • Deciding to befriend was undoubtedly one of the best decisions I have ever made - we both get so much out of it. I look forward to spending time with her every week and we are always commenting on how much we have in common! Loneliness is something that can affect anyone at any time, and it is projects like this that are so important in helping to stop it. I would recommend befriending to anyone – even if they are feeling apprehensive like I was – as the benefits to the person you are matched with and yourself are endless
    Katie Wardlaw Befriender, Volunteering Matters
  • It has been a good transition from working full time to volunteering. I had not done anything like this since my children were young as I worked full time for a long time but now I feel I can give something back to the community – and I am really enjoying this role. It is a great fit
    Mary Quigley Mary Quigley, Driver/Group Assistant, The Friendship Club
  • I love the variety of work at Play Alloa – there is always something different going on – answering the phone, preparing for the Christmas fayre, parent information evenings, helping with surgeries and providing information for parents. I have really enjoyed being part of a team – everyone helps and supports each other
    Julie Milligan Administration Volunteer, Play Alloa